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IAQ - Indoor Air Quality

indoor air quality

Are you cleaning the air in your home or business? In the event the answer is no, is it because you are worried about cost? Do you not see the advantages of healthy air where you live or work? Is there another concern?

Here at Lee Collins Air Conditioning Company, we have answers and it may not be as complicated as one would think. Go ahead and challenge yourself! We already passed our challenge of focusing on IAQ as part of the services we provide.

Places such as schools, food processing plants, hospitals, pet centers and many others have the obvious need to be concerned. How about you?

I thought about this from a different perspective; YOURS. What if nobody ever discussed clean indoor air with me? Who would I contact? Do I even consider my heating and cooling company to be able to provide answers to such questions? Is there a way to “see” my air quality at home or work?” Do I feel tired and stuffy from allergies? I have pets, therefore can my IAQ be improved? Many equipment owners are not convinced that routine preventative maintenance on all heating, cooling and refrigeration equipment is vital to energy savings and efficiency, reliability and repair costs. Based on this fact, one can not expect an average person to even possess the most basic knowledge of air contents and its harmful possibilities. To the average person the words “air conditioning” are associated mainly with cooling the space when the weather gets hot and/or humid. However, if words have meanings (and they do) conditioning the air means more than simply cooling it. One then ought to ask HOW DO WE CONDITION or CLEAN the air that is around us? Air filters is not the correct answer as air filters are installed primarily to protect the air conditioning coils.

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These are vital questions that we as HVAC experts have thorough knowledge about. Clean, healthy air is vital to our existence, especially during these unprecedented times of global airborne viruses. Unscientifically polled equipment owners were asked if they knew what IAQ meant or even stood for as an acronym. Many if not most had zero clue as to what those albeit important letters mean. This is the reason for writing this brief piece as I wanted to bring the IAQ topic to your forefront especially in today’s global pandemic times. Now that we as society are ready to get back to some type of normalcy after two years of full or partial lockdowns and restrictions, why aren’t you considering the quality of the air in your home or business? Be sure to ask your HVAC service provider about measuring YOUR air quality and addressing this important topic. In the event your service provider is too busy we welcome the opportunity to meet and to discuss this important topic even further as there are simple solutions to clean the air we breathe.